Tips to Secure Your IP Security Camera from Hackers

Security CameraThe industry of security camera has grown over the years. From consumer-grade to commercial-grade models, the technology is getting better and better and it’s also getting easier to take advantage of its features. With that being said, more and more people are purchasing surveillance cameras to keep an eye on their properties, family members and, even their pets.

Unfortunately, for IP security cameras, they’re prone to hackers. Hackers these days can get into anything, in your television, cell phone or even in home appliances like the toaster ovens we talked about. If these hackers could find your cameras they could watch you without you knowing it. Thus, to secure your camera, here are some tips.

1. Update its firmware regularly

The manufacturer of your security camera repairs vulnerabilities that they can find and release those fixes by upgrading your firmware often. Always make sure that your camera doesn’t contain un-patched parts that could be used by hackers to hack your camera.

2. Avoid connecting it to the Internet

If that’s possible, that is. Make sure that your camera is in local network and it must be non-routable. It’s also highly recommended that you set it up to local-only mode. If you don’t know how, you can go to the official website of the manufacturer and learn how to set it up.

3. Add password

By default, the password protection of most security cameras is turned off. Don’t forget to turn it on before using it. You must never leave your cameras without password protection to avoid giving hackers wide open access to your feeds. Protect it by implementing username and a strong password. You should change your password every week or more frequently.

4. Turn on its encryption technology

This is true if you’re using wireless security camera. It’s to prevent eavesdroppers from connecting to your camera and access your private video feeds. You must also never install your camera in areas that you don’t want strangers to see, like your bathroom or bedroom. Despite the password protection you apply to your unit, there’s still a possibility that it could be hacked. To avoid ending up to be a star of your own reality show, install the cameras in public areas only.

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