September, 2015

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How To Take Your Coffee Drinking Experience To The Next Level

It takes more than fresh beans of coffee, pure filtered water, best coffee filter and the right temperature to make a perfect cup of coffee. If you get addicted to Starbucks, chances are you will get broke before you know it. There are many different makes and models of coffee making machines available in the market these days, and the EspressoGusto espresso machines reviews for 2016 will you show you that some are for commercial use while others help you make a great cup of coffee at home.

If you are looking forward to take your kitchen to the next level by purchasing some high quality kitchen appliances, being in the kitchen won’t be a punishment and with a espresso machine, coffee making and coffee drinking will become a great experience.

Different Types of Drinks

Starbucks is not the only place where you will be able to enjoy a cup of rich coffee with the right amount of crema on top. For a richer and more concentrated coffee experience that tastes almost as good as Starbucks coffee, you need to purchase an Espresso Machine for your home. With a perfect espresso machine in your possession, you may be able to make any type of coffee you want without spending a whole lot of money going to the Starbucks. You can enjoy sipping Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Con Panne, Mocha and Americano.

However, finding that perfect espresso machine can be the most challenging part of the whole deal. If you keep some of the following points in mind while you scroll through various markets, you may be able to find a perfect espresso machine for you.

  • Bar Pressure – the most important point to consider while looking for an ideal espresso machine. A machine that offers 15-19 bars is considered to be ideal for making good crema.
  • Thermoblock – is a type of boiler that heats up the water to a perfect temperature, it is important in order to achieve a perfect flavor.
  • Filter Holder – holds the coffee granules, a filter holder made of brass is considered the best for making an ideal cup of coffee.