September, 2014

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Go Pull-Down or Pull-Out with your Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet

Which is a better kitchen faucet: a pull-down or a pull-out? Both of them have basic similarities. Each can be detached from the main so you can move the head around for easy cleaning and filling of containers.


The type of spray is the same for these models. You can have a button that needs to be pressed continually to keep the water going. Or you can choose to have a slider that you can press and let go to stop the strain on your hand while you’re working on something else.

Main difference

The main difference between these two types of kitchen faucet is its angle when you detach the wand. A pull-down model doesn’t often a reach as far as a pull-out, which is usually attached to a longer hose. This is more preferable if you always fill a pot outside the sink, put water in your steamer or rinse off your counter.

A pull-out model is also ideal if you have larger hands. However, there are pull-down units that can fit perfectly in individuals with smaller hands, so it still depends on the brand you choose.

For more information you can visit Faucet Assistant, but the bottom line is that you choose a kitchen faucet design that suits your taste.